Containers and it comes with a rollerball so you push it in and it has this roller ball so you can just roll on your products onto your face or wherever you're putting them on and they have this little calf I love these little bottles so what I've been doing is for my undereyes I do have a couple of creams that I like but I'm really starting to steer over to justĀ Le Fior Cream the essential oils the ones that I've been using is the b code g eye cream and the heels a Bhasin eye cream is another one that I really like and honestly I feel like using the natural oils is just as hydrating and I just love putting things on my skin that I know what they are and they're natural as possible so what I've been doing for my under eyes is I take argan oil vitamin e oil and carrot seed oil and I just mix equal parts into my little containers and then I have an eye treatment that I use so that's what I've been using lately morning and night another one of my favorites is coconut oil and I like to use the actual coconut oil that you can eat and it's very creamy and thick but if this melts it gets into a liquid form I use this all over my face I run it through my hair this definitely keeps my hair super shiny and healthy and.

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